Thursday, September 13, 2012


Last week you began to really crawl.  It's been so exciting!  You are pulling your knees up under you and are really on the move.  I confess, I had to actually stop you a couple times by giving you what you were reaching for so that you would not really crawl until I had a camera out. (You Mom is crazy!) You are so fast too -- we can hardly keep anything away from you, you little stinker.  We are so proud of you. :) You are and always have been such a strong girl.  I think you are going to be an athlete like you Dad!  I was very athletic too when I was young... I loved to ride bikes and run.  I even won a race once, not to mention a few ribbons in the elementary school's "Olympics" (obstacle course).  You gave me lots of strong kicks in the womb, and you are still so strong.  You are pretty rambunctious too... we can hardly hold you nowadays.  You want to jump right out of our arms, and you often practically do!  We have to hold you very carefully!  You also love to lean back while we are holding you, trying to get free... you don't quite understand yet that that would hurt. ;)

This week you have started to play with your hair while you eat.  You pull at your chestnut brown hair, thin and wildly strewn about these days.  I would guess you hair is averaging about 5 inches in length!!  It is very long for your age, so we have to give you a nice comb-over.  Don't worry, it looks adorable!  I'd put more headbands and bows on you, but daycare seems to lose them, so we save the fancy hair-dos for the weekends. :)

Today I received a Facebook message from my cousin Angie, who I have only met a couple times.  I haven't seen her since the summer before I turned 14.  She's just a few years younger than me.  She wanted to know if I knew of anyone who was researching the Wittman side of our family (my Mom's).  She came the the right place, because you Momma loves genealogy!  Grandma Evie even bought me a subscription to this last Christmas. (Unfortunately I got a little busy at work and preparing for my growing belly to pop to really take advantage of it before it expired.) Anyways, I spent the majority of today at my desk rekindling my hunger for facts and pictures about our family.  It was such an exciting day!!  I discovered some pictures that I have never seen, and I'd guess most of the family has never seen.  They are from scanned yearbooks.  Dude, old yearbooks are like the coolest thing in my book right now.  I love how they document a blossoming time in peoples' lives, and I adore how artistic they were in the early 1900s.  The yearbook staff in those days were real artisans... photographers and historians.  I have great respect for them! (Though I did find a typo in one, LOL!)  Here are a couple pictures I found today... hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

 Your great grandfather on my Mom's side - Projection Crew?  Awesome!

 His dad was on the school's football team... he was the team captain!  Front and center. :)

 Here he is again... he looks like he beefed up.

So articulate back then... check out all the cheeky sayings for each student.

 A close-up of your great great granddaddy.

I'll have to gather some more soon and document them here. :)  That's all for today!  Such treasures, right?  I feel like I just discovered a bag full o' gold!