June 2011

Jenelle & Greg

Greg and I met in November 2005.  We began dating 7 months later, and 7 months after that we were engaged.  On 7/7/7 I hit the jackpot and married my best friend. 

4 years of marriage later, we found out we were going to be parents -- it was July 18th, 2011.  A day I'll never forget!

Grace came into our lives on March 18th, 2012, after 19 hours of an induced labor (and without pain medication, just as I'd hoped!).  Our lives will never be the same... each day is something new and different.  We are learning so much about ourselves and life, about parenthood and what truly matters to us.  We are so thankful for our daughter.
Grace Jenesis, 9 days old







8:20 am
7 pounds, 14 ounces of love 21.25 inches

The strongest kicker-in-the-womb grandma Evie ever did feel, she came out just the same way. Alert from the first hour and with a strong-will, Mom predicts her little Grace will grow up to be a sweetheart with a gentle demeanor, yet very opinionated.