Monday, August 26, 2013


Today Grace said "hi" to Greg and me while we were driving to Jimbo's for groceries & dinner. I turned around and looked at her in the mirror, so she said "hi" again and she double waved with both hands at us. It was adorable!! As I was admiring her, she looked at me and said "hi", then pointed right at me. I'm not sure why but it really shook me to the core! It was such a precious moment! We proceeded to say "hi" back and forth to each other, but the way she said it, slowly and softly... it left me bashful. Talking to my own daughter! She's such a sweetheart. 

Here are two pictures from the first time she said "hi" to me - August 5th (almost 17 months). I took it right after to remember just how she looked at that moment. It was when we were arriving at BDI to visit her aunties Melo & Susie for lunch. I just opened the door as usual to greet her, and she beat me to it, along with a big smile. :-)