Monday, July 18, 2011

And then there were 3!

This is the day we found out our lives were going to be changed forever.  This is the day we were made aware of our baby's existence.  We had been unknowingly been parents for a month already!

Being the documentation-loving person that I am, I insisted that Greg go out and buy the pregnancy tests while I charged up our digital camera.  We videotaped ourselves finding out that we were pregnant.  What you are about to see is real, un-staged & lengthy footage.  Mind you I believe the timestamp on this video is 12:30am, but I still could it as July 18th.  We had just returned home from my nephew's birthday party.  It had been a LONG day of work and a party afterward, since Greg and I spoke over chat around 10:30am about the possibility and were dying to take a test ASAP. 

I still get emotional watching this!  Thoughts?



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