Monday, October 15, 2012

Lots of FIRSTS all in the last month

Grace started crawling last month.  It's been so crazy around here with her being sick, though, that I've been taking very little pictures and video.  This is killing me, as she's been growing & learning so fast that this has been the best time!  I've really enjoyed getting to see more of her personality peek out and she's just been such a joy to be around.  Her smile is changing too.

Grace got her FIRST TOOTH (this is a biggie!) 2 weeks ago.  It took 1 week to show a pearly white, and another for the 2nd one (on the right) to join it.  I thought losing her gummy grin was going to be such a loss -- far from it!  I just cannot get enough of her funny toothy smile!  It's big and wide, and makes me heart so happy.

Grace ate her first "solid" food.  We made it a HUGE deal.  It was about two weeks ago and it was rice cereal.  There are about 300 photos documenting the occasion, and I wish there were more. Haha.

Grace is starting to CLIMB!  She's been a crawling monster since the get-go, never stopped for anything in her way, or to take a breath really.  Last week she climbed over Greg and onto the couch to get something.  Yeah.  My Mom said she should be a tank for Halloween because of how she just plows through everything.  Hehe, too bad we have something too perfect up our sleeved already!

She helped me take this reenactment picture. :)
Grace woke me up with her head up over the top of the crib.  I heard the usual morning baby girl "coos" coming from the crib.  I had my back turned to the crib as I woke, half listening to her babbles a.k.a. deep conversation with her stuffed animals, and half wishing I could get 1 more minute of sleep.  That lasted a few minutes until the "coos" changes to her calls for Mommy.  They are so darling.  I turned around expecting the usual angel face peeping-through-the-crib-bar at me, but instead was startled to see a dark shadow of a big baby head looming over the crib wall and looking down at me.  AH!  I'm not sure if she was kneeling or standing because I leaped out of bed, ran to her and picked her up all in the same second.  It was a heart-racing experience.  Oh, and I can't forget to mention that she cooed her "haaa" at me when I picked her up (that's Grace for "hi").  So sweet.

Actual stand-up moment.  Look at her concentration! ;)
Grace stood up all by herself this weekend.  Mind you she's done this a couple times without me around for Greg or my Mom... I got to see it and I was so proud!  She crawled up to my chair, gnawed on the bottom rung, pulled herself up to her knees, grabbed ahold of the top of the seat (I'm hovering over her with my arms) and then she pulled herself up to her feet.  Just amazing to witness. :) We are often getting her away from all the tables and chairs when she's at home, trying to avoid all the bleeding-mouth and head-bonking opportunities.  It's very scary as a parent, but I've learned it's scary for her too.  When she's up on her feet and holding on to something but starts to sway, I see her face now get that "oh crap" look on it.  It's funny and heartbreaking all in the same instant.  I don't remember her being able to predict "I'm gunna fall!" before now.  (Then Mommy swoops in a saves the day, of course.  I get to be Super Moooom!


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