Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby Romero's Gender Reveal Day! (November 5th, 2011)

Two weeks has flown by.  We've known for TWO WHOLE WEEKS now that you're a baby ______! :) We are beyond thrilled.  We went out the very next day and bought you your first outfit.  We've been trying to give you a name that can be/do many things in one: encapsulate how we feel about you, ring love in our ears, drip off the tongue like honey (okay maybe that's a little much)... and most importantly, be able to sum up the most wonderful person in the world.  It's a very hard task, naming a new human!  We bought two name books and spent a long night at Barnes & Noble last week, but aren't there quite yet.  Your Dad and I think we may have it... we may have actually had it a couple months ago... but we're waiting to really know for sure.  Even if we do, we still need to then find its middle name match.  Naming and preparing the house, that's what we've been up to for the past two weeks.  Now, on to your Gender Party pictures!

Our readers will find out the surprise gender reveal color -- pink or blue -- after looking at the pictures of your party below.  To read the blog I wrote the day before, about the days after our anatomy ultrasound leading up to the party, click here!  The back-story really made the Big Day a lot of fun.  We will definitely have a story to tell for the rest of our lives. :)

Pictures of Your Gender Party



Your cake was designed by Mom & Dad and made by Jennywenny Cakes!  We think she executed the cake's design & deliciousness even better than we could have imagined! :) 

 I got the simple "rows of hearts" idea from a picture after searching "heart cake".  I knew that no matter what, boy or girl, you were going to be -- and already are -- our hearts.  We love you so much!

The table was set in the kitchen, all ready for the 1st slice reveal.

Little blue booties... would we use these someday for you?
The cake top's detail.

Some treats on the table for some laughs... Baby Ruth candy bars and Sugar Daddy caramel pops.

Daddy helping in the kitchen.  Notice he's reppin' Team Pink. (I was wearing blue.) Here he's cutting up the avocado for the "Cravings Table". ;)

The hutch was set with a digital picture frame with rotating pictures of your life with us so far.  Then we set out framed pictures of Mommy & Daddy together from our home.  Two of our wedding pictures, and our engagement picture on the far right.

Venturing outside, we had the party-theme-matching drink bar & "Cravings Table". :)

 Jenelle's Craving Table, complete with all the things I've been craving while you've been in my belly.  The menu included: oranges (orange juice), Starburst (they had miraculously eased my morning sickness), jalapeno & habanero chips (anything spicy!), Mini Reeses (peanut butter and chocolate, together or separate -- especially peanut butter frozen yogurt!), avocados with Italian dressing (anything with Italian dressing) and strawberries (representing all the fruit that I've been enjoying -- especially cantaloupe!).
Detail of the menu cards on the Cravings Table.

Okay, are you ready for the reveal?

Scroll down!














Strawberries & pink whipped cream filling?!

We're having a GIRL!!!

We love you Baby Girl Romero!


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