Friday, November 4, 2011

Tomorrow is 20 weeks... and your "Gender Reveal" Party!

Well, little one, we got to see you again!  We had your "anatomy ultrasound" on Halloween a few days ago, when you were 19 weeks & 2 days.  We were told you're now measuring 6 days ahead.  If you reach 10 days ahead, they will move up my due date!  Additionally, you are weighing about 1 pound!  Wow!  So why have I gained about 15? ;)

The ultrasound technician was sadly having a bad day.  He was kind of grumpy and didn't like that you were so active (or that it was a Monday).  It's not your fault!  You are happy & healthy!  They told Mom to drink 32 ounces of juice, so that's what they get.  Dad and I got to watch you move around on the screen, but not as much this time.  The tech kept going down to your nether regions, and we didn't want to see anything down there that would ruin the party's surprise!  The technician called you a nickname that may have hinted at your gender.  We were bummed that he lacked good manners, but it isn't stopping us from having your party.  We still do not know for sure!  The show must go on!!

Dad & I ordered the food for the party on Monday.  We had a fun time planning the finances for the month and setting aside money for a trip to go visit New Mexico for Thanksgiving!!  Your Dad is so excited - and so am I - to introduce you (while you're in my belly) to your Grandpa Greg, Nana Patsy, Missy and your Uncle Sam.  And the rest of the NM family!  On Wednesday I ordered your "reveal cake".  I designed it along with Dad's help... it really is cute!  That night, Grandma Evie came over to our house and helped me cut out about 100 or more hearts for your party garlands.  Last night, Dad and I spent our date night shopping for last-minute party necessities.  We got drinks in all the colors of your party - red, orange, blue and pink.  Yesterday we posted the news about you on Facebook.  It was so wonderful, and long overdue.  I think I will take a screenshot of all the comments and post it here for keeps. :)

You're not very active today.  Maybe it's the rainy weather - the first rainy day of the season!  I hope you love rain like me.  Can't wait to finally know if you're my son or daughter tomorrow...

Along with your ultrasound, we were delighted to get some new pictures!

My tiny profile
My hands together, possibly trying to sleep?  This is how Mommy sleeps.
My nose and mouth from above :)
Waving "hello"!
A side-view of my arm


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