Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 18 nearly complete

Here we are at 19 weeks tomorrow, and I'm weighing in at 11 & 1/2 pounds gained. Right on track since my 2nd trimester with about 1 pound a week. :) Wow, at this rate I have 20 more pounds to pack on!

Last night we enjoyed some salmon and corn for dinner. I washed it down with some juice, but had my eye on the green chile & cheese tamale before the salmon even finished cooking. Sure enough, I finished the delicious tamale off and it was time for dessert! 1 slice of peach pie (which Greg went out a got for me at 10pm one night this week) washed down with a tall glass of milk. This is getting to be pretty standard for me. Dinner, snack, dessert! Actually, it goes more like this: juice on the way to work, breakfast, snack, snack, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, dessert. :) And I love a glass of milk before I go to bed with my prenatal vitamins.

So far today I've had some cranberry apple cider on the way in to work, blueberry oatmeal, a strawberry cereal bar, 1 string cheese, a carne asada taco, 1 pack of Trader Joe's (DELICIOUS!) fruit snacks and now I'm eating cinnamon apple sauce.  Next up: a banana.

Here's a pic I just took at work:

Please note, I cannot button these pants that used to be baggy on me.  Thus, a belt, at it's very last rung, hides the fact that the tops of my pants are not buttoned. ;) I wish I had measured myself at first so I knew how many inches I'm growing around!


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