Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Obligatory Belly Pics

Disclaimer: The belly in this photo may appear smaller than it actually is!

Seriously though, my stomach looks smaller here because I am straining to get my arm far enough away from my body to get the belly in the frame so my muscles (yes they are still there somewhere!) are squeezing it down a bit. Greg and I have been taking weekly pics of me in front of a drab door, smiling and trying to look pregnant almost every week. I thought it was time I took one all by myself of just the baby belly. :)

Here's me, 17 weeks along:

PS - I was so stoked that I could still squeeze into my hot pink pants this morning! I've been getting so tired of the same old pants that actually fit, and discovered these are low enough to fit under the ol' belly... for now.


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