Monday, October 17, 2011


Whew!  I closed my eyes and 2 weeks flew by.  I totally forgot to write on my blog, nevertheless the baby continues to GROW! :)

Since my last post, I have felt quickening!  What's that, you ask?  Well I didn't know either, until it was already happening.  Quickening is the first movements that a mother will feel in her belly.  I felt my baby's first movements around the 5th and 6th of this month.  I was in denial until the weekend, when he or she started kicking me like crazy (a.k.a. I may have downed a caffeinated beverage...).  I have been feeling him or her at least once a day, but that first weekend it was really often. You know what's funny?  The baby's movements coincided with some very moody days I had.  There was a block of 4 days or so where I was crying over everything.  I was being a big baby, so maybe I was passing that on to our little one.

On top of that update, we had another appointment!  Last Wednesday we got to hear Baby Romero's heartbeat for the very FIRST time!  To be honest, though, hearing is not seeing... and we've been spoiled by the 3 ultrasounds at the previous visits.  You know what else we?  I have officially gained 9 pounds since getting pregnant!

Today I ordered something I have been wanting for a couple years now -- a new camera lens!  I read a positive review in Popular Photography last night, and was elated to see that my ideal lens was within reach.  I was expecting to have to pay $400-$500 for a new wide angle, and I had no idea what to get.  It's been the #1 thing on my Baby Shopping List, and I'm glad it seemed to have found me just in time all by itself. :) This lens has exactly what I've been dying for, all in one package: sharp detail, shallow depth of field, beautiful bokeh, low light capabilities... and raving reviews about its portraits (newborns included!) and travel photos.  I am so excited, you don't even know.  Good thing Greg bought me an external hard drive for my birthday!  Check it out, if you're interested and a geek like me. :)


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