Monday, August 6, 2012

The Consonant "M"!

Yesterday while strapping Grace into her carseat I heard the sweet sound of "maaamaaa-buh"!  I was startled and looked up to Greg who immediately said he had heard it too.  He said she was looking right at me when she said it!  I quickly shook it off and dismissed it as some new sounds... I don't quite think she was saying "mama" towards me or meant it as my name, but it sure felt good!

Consonants are a new achievement for Grace!  Great job sweetiepie!  (She has all the vowels mastered, that's for sure.  We love waking up to her new vocal chord practices in the morning.)  She turned 20 weeks exactly yesterday. :)

On our way to Grandma & Grandpa's I heard something akin to "mama" again.  Yay!  I don't mind being "Mama-Buh" either though.  If she was trying to call me "Mama Butt", though, I'd prefer just "Mama". ;)

Another thing she mastered this week?  I mean, MASTERED too.  She can finally chew on her teething toys without having a breakdown!  Woohoo!  She actually enjoys them.  Now she will chew on them from Point A to Point B in the car, no crying and without dropping them.  (Okay, sometimes.)  This is great news!  I can actually see my baby enjoy her toys now, and I don't have to give her soft burp cloths to "chew" on instead.

One more thing... this morning was possibly the happiest-baby-morning I have ever had!  I fed her when she woke up and got the usual pause-from-eating smiles, but today she was just so snuggley!  A dream come true!  I laid her on top of me and she just kept looking up with me with the most sweet gaze.  At one point, I looked down at her and was almost startled by how pretty she looked.  Her head was laying sideways on me and she had the most peaceful look on her face.  She looked up at me like I was really something... and it just set my day off to a great start.  It really rocked me to my core, it was such a great feeling.  All I could do was squeal to Greg how we have such a gorgeous daughter! 

Here are some pictures from yesterday... it was a great Sunday filled with homemade chocolate cake (thanks to Grandma Evie) and time catching up with "Aunt" Sarah.

20 weeks!


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