Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Races

Saturday we went to the races with my Mom & Dad. My Dad and I went years ago, back when I was going to community college and working part-time (the easy life!). We had SO much fun that day, we vowed to go again. Every year I tell my Dad we'll go, and every year I forget until it's too late we almost missed them again this year but we finally made it happen! I won about $13 on the first race with a quinella bet, but over the next few races Greg and I left with 60 cents. ;) We only bet the minimum, and if you count parking we lost. The family time and memories are priceless of course!

I was so impressed with my baby girl's temperament. She enjoyed all the people-watching (just like Mommy & Daddy there) and surprised me by handling all the hollering at the end of each race just fine! :)

It has been SO nice now that we have been able to take her out in public with very few hiccups. It was so stressful for the first few months with feedings and naps... and not being able to pump anything for bottles to easy the burden. It's been about 2 months since her last "meltdown" that caused us to leave our good friends' baby shower just after arriving, which was most likely caused by gas. Poor thing.

So glad we got to experience the races with my Dad & Grace together. I took more pictures, but this is what I have on my phone!  You better believe she got tons of "oohs" and "aahs" from the ladies in her classic big hat! A strawberry hat for my Little Strawberry, of course! ;) A gift from Emily!


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